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Kiran's Montessori Preschool  is a state licensed Large size home based Preschool. Conveniently located in the Mohr Park area of Pleasanton,3 miles from Hwy 680 and a short 1 mile away from Hwy 580. A leisurely 5 minutes walk to Nielsen Park and just a short 20 minute walk to Mohr Elementary school. The preschool is located in a safe single family home complex within Mohr Park; the classroom itself is comfortable and cozy, we have ample outdoor space for the kids to use their imagination and pretend play in the backyard.

My preschool is inspired by the Montessori Method of teaching where each child works at their own pace and has the freedom to choose the materials they would like to work with on a particular day. Independence comes through freedom of choice and I believe an independent child is a confident child and a confident child is a better learner.​

With the Montessori method you will observe that each child works on different materials, completely child focused and child directed. Their day will include helping in setting the table for snack and meals, pouring their milk, or water clean up after themselves, self help skills like dressing up, cleaning up after themselves, putting their dishes away after they are done eating ..etc.

The small class size of 6:1 is ideal and benefits both the teacher and the child. It helps me learn each individual child's learning style and cater to it; and the children get my undivided attention and feel more secure and comfortable in the environment.

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