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Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.


1. Number of students at school? 

 The preschool is licensed for 14 kids of which 12 are Preschool aged kids and 2 after-school-aged students. 


2. Do you have separate sections for 3 and above if the number of kids are more?

No we don't, we follow the Montessori Philosophy of grouping kids as per these age groups 0-3, 3-6...and so on . Students at my school are ages 2.5-5. We believe that older students take on a leader's role when they are with younger kids and learn to lead in an empathetic and kind manner. Younger children enjoy learning from older friends and look up to them. It also helps new and younger aged students transition smoothly to the new environment. 


3. What is the student to Teacher ratio?

We are always at 6 students to 1 teacher. There are 3 other teachers that engage with the kids at different times of the day. We always have 12 students and 2 teachers in the classroom at a given point. In the mornings it is 3 teachers including me as I make sure that each child works on specific material with me. 


4. Do you follow a curriculum for older students?

Before I explain the Montessori take on this. I would like to assure you that the students that have graduated from my  school are ready for Kindergarten and are usually a grade up.. 

You may want to check out our Facebook page to see all that we do during the day. 

In our classroom materials are individualized as per each child  or age group's developmental level. I assess the students in the classroom and create the materials and learning environment for the kids attending school.


5. Does my child have to be potty-trained to attend? Are pull-up-type diapers acceptable? 

No, your child does not have to be potty trained. We take care of the diapering needs, until your child is potty trained. Parents provide the diapers, wipes, and diaper rash cream. Yes, Pull-ups are acceptable if your child has begun potty training at home. We do not initiate potty training at school. Once the parents inform us that the child is potty trained we follow through at school, or if we observe signs of readiness then we inform the parents. 


6. Is it ok if I provide food? If yes, are there any items that aren't permitted? 

Sorry, home food is something I do not encourage. Morning Breakfast, Hot lunch, and an evening snack is provided depending on the schedule Eating with a group of friends encourages kids to socialize with one another and less confusion in the classroom environment. Also, due to the COVID Health and Safety guidelines, there is a complete restriction on what children may bring to school. 


7. Are parents allowed to visit the classroom? If so, how often?

Parents are not allowed when school is in session. However, once enrolled you will be added to our School Whatsapp group where I send pictures on a daily basis which allows parents to have a glimpse into their child's day. 

We have a lot of Family events all through the year where the parents are invited. Some examples are Mother's Day Tea Party, Father's day ice- cream social, Christmas,  Diwali pot-luck..etc. 


8.  How to proceed with payment for advance booking. 

I will send an invoice through Paypal, and a Zelle money request. I accept payments only through Zelle transfers or checks. Please do not pay through Paypal. Paypal payments incur a 2.7% fee.

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