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Practical Life

Practical Life activities are the activities that we engage in on a daily basis. These are life skills that a child engages in by first observing and then doing it on their own. It includes - Care of self, Care of the environment, and Grace and Courtesy


Montesorri believed a child to be "sensory explorer". A child explores the environment through the five senses. Through these sensorial explorations knowledge  is created. A child also begins the complex process of organization and classification.

Language Arts

A child has attained culturally relevant language skills from 0-3 years . Within the prepared environment  of a preschool the child will now start using the language  through symbol recognition, sounds, names of objects and pre-writing.


Math to the young child is introduced through linear counting whereby the child through their senses counts physical quantities first, then relates them to the number symbols first from 0-10 and then to higher order numbers. 


The education of even a small child, therefore, does not aim at preparing him for school, but for life. 

Dr. Montessori

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