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Our Staff

"The education of even a small child, therefore, does not aim at preparing him for school, but for life."
Kiran Sharma

Teacher/Owner Bio


I have been teaching preschoolers for over 15 years. I have enjoyed my interactions with two year old to Kindergarten age kids while being a teacher at Knowledge Universe and Little Flowers Montessori. During these years being a teacher, and observing children at work I realized that children learn best through hands on experiences. Children use their senses to explore materials and the happenings around them. These experiences, and explorations help develop neurological connections in their brain thereby creating knowledge.  Each child has a unique way in which they create this knowledge and therefore it is imperative that the environment be prepared to cater to that individual child's learning style. I tailor lesson plans for children to match their learning style and ability. I believe in each child in my classroom, I believe that each child has a unique and special interest which just needs some attention to flourish and develop thereby helping them be the best versions of themselves.


I realized the Montessori Philosophy completely aligned with the way I think as an educator. I was introduced to the Montessori Philosophy when I was looking for a preschool for my young child and was very intrigued by all the materials, at the peace, quiet, and order within a Montessori classroom.  I began reading and researching some more on this philosophy and was completely in awe of it and decided on furthering my education and learning more about it. I had my Bachelors in Finance and 30 Early Childhood units. I decided to pursue my education and training in the Montessori Method. Soon, I realized that the peace and quiet in the classroom is a result of the freedom the children get to make with selecting the materials in the classroom and chalking their own path with their learning. There is an easy flow of respect between the teacher and the children.

What attracts me most to this Method is that it is a very holistic approach to learning and teaching. The Montessori Method develops and involves the whole child not just on the surface, but from within.  It touches the inner being, the soul of a child and through exploring and manipulating the materials the child primarily learns through their senses. It is a very intuitive method where the teacher is designated the role of an observer, a facilitator and a guide and not of an authoritarian. The teacher's main role is to prepare an environment which attracts the children to the material, which relates appropriately to the skills of the children. As a Montessori teacher,  I am very intune with my classroom, I realize that each child in my classroom may be in a sensitive period for a different strand of area like Language, Math, Sensorial, Practical life, or Cultural.

Having worked both in a Montessori  and a traditional/ more play based classroom I like the idea of the materials being out for the children to explore all through the day. They are there own teachers as they know what drives them, their inner desire to pick a material and master it unlike other traditional schools where the teacher dictates what the child will learn that day. The Montessori method gives a child the self confidence that they can do any task on their own without an adult doing it for them. They are coordinated, orderly. and respectful towards each other and the environment they live in.

As the preschool is Licensed now to accept more students. We have 3 amazing teachers that have joined us. All Teachers are fingerprinted/Background checked and are trained in CPR/First Aid.


Ms. Joslyn Meena Mendes (Assistant Teacher) - Ms. Joslyn is an Assistant teacher who is training to be a Lead in a Montessori setup. She brings with her over 2 years of experience with the preschool and elementary-aged kids. She is qualified to be a Teacher in a Preschool classroom.  She enjoys outdoor activities with kids, and join them in their pretend play.

Teacher Aides        






Ms. Rachel Fugate(Teacher Aide/Substitute Teacher) -   My name is Rachel and I am 22 years old. I live with my younger sisters and my Dad. I live in Dublin and have lived in California my whole life. My favorite color is blue. I have a dog named Trickz and I love her very much. I currently attend Las Positas college to get all of my Early childhood education units. I am working on becoming a Lead Teacher. My dream is to one day own my own preschool and am so thankful for Ms. Kiran seeing potential in me and giving me a chance. I look so forward to my future in Early childhood education. 










Ms. Janelle Serrano is the support staff and a Teacher Aide. She has a Bachelor's in Social and Behavioral Science from CSUMB, Seaside CA. She enjoys being with kids, interacting with them, and engaging them in creative crafts. She has over 2 years of experience working with preschool kids. 

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